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10 Free Shopping Apps to Find the Best Deals Online

Online shopping has emerged into an industry in itself. Due to the increasing demand and usage of smart-phones everywhere, shopping online is the latest trend making the rounds of the internet and why not when anything you want is just a few taps away. From home appliances, electronic items to purchasing clothes, shoes, books and even gadgets, you can purchase anything online. But it gets expensive with the added shipping, packing and cash on delivery charges. So where do you get the best scr88 deals on products you want?

Don’t waste time thinking and go shop as we’ve got you all covered with the following list of top 10 free shopping apps for the best deals.

1. ShopAdvisor—
Supported by both iOS and android, this app tells you when to buy based on the price monitoring of the particular product you want.

2. ShopSavvy—
This app notifies you when the desired product goes on sale or is being offered at a discounted or bonus amount. This is supported by iOS, android and windows phone.

3. Consumr—
An app exclusively made for iOS users which helps them with price comparison and lets them add reviews on products. After passing a minimal review count, users are given discounts on the purchase they make.


4. ebay—
An online auction website that allows android and iOS users worldwide to browse, purchase and bid ebay products.

5. Amazon—
An online shopping website developed solely for buying and selling of products from different industries worldwide while it acted as the facilitating common platform. A large amount of global trade takes place here. With Amazon topping the trade market charts in the last few years, its creators and market analysts have lowered prices and brought many new seasonal deals and updates that offer large discounts.

6. Etsy—
Used popularly on android, Etsy is a different shopping app that sells handmade products to shoppers looking for a plain aesthetic touch. Most of it is furniture and housing related items. Seasonal deals offer huge discounts and are applicable only during the particular season. Etsy develops small scale industries by buying their products and selling it online.

7. Groupon—
A coupon generating app supported by iOS and android where in users can avail discounts through the coupon codes from Groupon over food, clothing, home appliances and other products sold online.

8. Shopular—
As opposed to other shopping websites, Shopular enables users to find the latest deals on products and items in the nearby shops so when a customer walks into a particular store; he/she is notified of all the available discounts and seasonal offers.

9. RedLaser—
This app is supported by both iOS and android which enables users to compare costs of products available at a shop versus online. A simple scan of the product barcode tells the user if it is cheaper online.

10. Polyvore—A fashion website that shows community reviews on each clothing piece. It has an instagram look to it with offers every now and then.

I-POD Touch 7, Everything you need to know

Apple just announced its latest addition to the I-Pod range, it is the 7th generation I-Pod touch, although it looks a lot like its predecessor, the 6th generation I-Pod touch and comes in the same colours, it is a totally different device inside. It comes with a better faster processing system, improved graphical capabilities and a better display. Apple has also added features like Face time and other apps which work using Augmented reality which will make the overall experience way better than the previous versions.

Everything you need to know


Apple’s newest addition to the I-Pod range is powered by the A-10 fusion system which is almost twice as fast as the previous A-8 system featured by the i-Pod 6 touch. Also the storage capabilities have been improved to 256 Gb of internal storage which is a huge step ahead from the 128 Gb storage offered by the I-Pod 6.


Sorry to disappoint everyone who was hoping for a bigger screen, sadly the new I-Pod 7 does not have a bigger screen, but on the bright side it does sport a better, high resolution display which has a better pixel ratio than the previous one had. Also the frame rate capabilities have been greatly improved which calls for a smooth and seamless viewing experience that has never been seen before on an I-Pod. The seventh-generation iPod touch features the same four-inch Retina display of the previous model.


The new and improved A-10 processing chip offer a higher graphic performance than the previous model. It is said that the graphic performance is up to three times faster than all models till now and is perfect for all games available on the apple’s app store. All in all there is no question that the newest addition to the I-Pod franchise will be a flagship model based on its processing and graphical capabilities, the only thing left to see is the price at which the device will be released, the price will dictate the reach this device gets in the community.


Sadly the developers have decided to not change anything with the camerathe seventh-generation iPod touch is a mix of old and new, and the camera is decidedly part of the “old” contingent. It’s still an 8MP camera with an f/2.4 aperture. It does support iOS 12’s auto HDR feature.

When can I get the new iPod touch?

You can order the new iPod touch right now from Apple.com or through the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad. It should be expected in Apple Stores later this week.

6 Reasons It Might Be Worth Buying an iPod Touch in 2019

The iPod Touch (5th generation) was released in 2015 and just about recently the iPod Touch (7th generation) was released and it is even better. Also called as the 2019 iPod touch, this tiny little apple device is just as good as it can get. Now surrounding its release in early 2019, there were a lot of speculations based on its working capability when compared to other highly developed Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Macbook etc. This led to a major confusion amongst people whether to indulge in a low budgeted apple device like this one or to go for the latest one in the iPhone series or opt for the one that stands at par with the iPod touch that is the iPhone SE. In order to clear all of this muddy air in the room, we present to you the 6 main reasons as to why buying an iPod Touch in 2019 is still totally worth it.

1. It is the most compact apple device of all.
2. Can be easily shared amongst a set of users
3. Availing a lot of games
4. Privacy stands first
5. Ideal device for kids
6. Cheaper iPhone alternative

1: Compact device

The I-pod touch was a huge hit among people of all age groups when it was first released almost a decade ago, it had the ability to store thousands of songs and play MP4 videos seamlessly and was highly sought after as it was huge technological advancement . It blew its major competition the Sony Walkman away in terms of sales, interface and simplicity in design. The Walkman didn’t stand a even a slim chance against the device that the tech giants Apple released. Similarly there are millions of people looking for a compact music player which has the ability to play all kind of audio and videos seamlessly while being sleek and compact in design.

2: For Gaming

Furthermore the Ipod touch can be improved into a high end gaming console with the help of Apple’s revolutionary high speed processing system and high end graphical capabilities. This is an area which Apple has been working on. The market lacks a console which doubles as a music player and a gaming console and the I-Pod touch will definitely please all its user in terms of performance and user interface.

3: Ideal device for children of all age groups

In this fast evolving world , everyone needs to stay connected to the internet and there is no way around it. So with child safety and security in mind the I-Pod touch would be an amazing device to buy your kids as it does not put them in danger of cyber bullying or any sort of online crimes. This is exactly what parents want, they want their kids to learn and grow by staying connected without any any side effects of the internet.